Yoga Retreats

Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat has chosen the highest quality yoga leaders on the island to help you reach your zen . Be sure to enhance your reunion, meeting or wedding with our yoga retreats for the ultimate wellness during your stay. During the planning stages, please share your group’s desire for mind, body and spirit experiences. It will always add to your guests’ tropical transformation to have yoga and meditation. We will tailor the best teacher(s), spiritual leaders and guides for your group’s yoga retreat.


Join Terra Ann Pracht, our Yoga Coordinator, for All-level yoga classes, wellness retreats, and meditations. Terra brings nearly 10 years of local experience leading retreats, teacher training certifications and wellness education adventures on Hawaii.


Kapoho Point has selected the leading Hawaiian Qigong leader to lead groups onsite. If you would like to experience the ancient Chinese Qigong class during your visit, please contact our coordinator at the time of booking.