Reunions & Meetings

That is what Kapoho Point is all about. The greatest experience for up to 20 people sharing this special place for their most memorable function. Whether family reunions, retreats, seminars, wedding celebrations or mind and body centering activities, Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat will exceed your expectations. With Kaleo’s, the best restaurant on the island, exclusively catering to the Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat, guests will fancy the finest culinary experiences in conjunction with top tier service in the unparalleled environment that makes up Kapoho Point.

Multi-day and night partying is possible, and our our onsite coordinator can plan or put you in contact with planners so that you could enjoy poolside cocktail parties, game room cocktail parties, pizza parties, barbecues, luaus, live music, chartered lava boat trips, and whatever other needs you may have.

The Estate’s onsite coordinator can coordinate your planning as an added service at no charge or is happy to assist in coordinating with planners that the guests wish to use. The onsite coordinator has the capability of handling decorations, set up/take down of A/V equipment, set up/take down of the furniture, tables and chairs, reception dinners, flowers, entertainment, parties, photographers and videographers.

The property has a number of idyllic locations to experience gatherings and reunions from very small to large. Together let us plan and design an experience that will be the highlight of everyone’s trip to Hawaii.


The full screened pavilion is approximately 1200 sq. ft. with a high-resolution video projector and drop down 12-foot video screen in front of the Koi pond accompanied by a rain curtain of small streams of water falling from a bamboo troff. Project your favorite photographs, YouTube videos, DVD’s or just watch giant TV sports. Great for meetings, reunions, parties or just hanging out and participating in the local bar game attempting to swing the steel ring to hook the tree branch protruding from the Ohia column. A bar counter surrounds the entire perimeter of the room making it ideal for cocktail parties, catered events or even a substitute sit down dining site in the event of inclement weather.

Outdoor Barbecue

Just outside the Game Room bar and outside bar extension lies the outdoor barbecue area where the barbecue, smoker and the wood fired pizza oven are located. Circumscribing the barbecue area are 5 lava rock benches with Ohia plank tables that can seat up to 30 people. This area can be covered to insure all weather protection.

Kapoho Lawns

The expansive manicured lawns leading directly to the bay afford thousands of square feet of exterior space suitable for large tent structures or open air meetings and weddings. It’s also an idyllic place to experience the finest restorative or meditative activities including yoga. Other parts of the expansive oceanfront lawn provide intimate areas such as The Contemplation Zone that provides seating and lava rock benches built in front of the 5 foot tall replica of Buddha. Experience the private seating area for cocktails or dinner above the cove adapted from an old sea-tree trunk. While others can feel the spray of the ocean waves sitting on the edge of the bay enjoying your favorite cocktail.

Pool Bar

The expansive lawn and pool area are served by the pool bar that is weather protected and seats up to 12 patrons.

Gameroom & Bar

The Game Room and Bar provides a fun gathering place for guests of all ages to gather and party while brushing up on their billiards or ping pong.

Grass Roof

The master suite’s grass roof serves as a great gathering area for everything from Yoga, to Che Gong, or even couples massages.