The Kapoho Point Estate ensures sustainability practices across the entire property. In addition to being constructed out of locally grown abundant hardwoods and faced with rare but locally gathered Pahoehoe (slow flowing) lava rock, the Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat has many other sustainable features including photovoltaic cells on the roofs to supplement electric energy production. Solar hot water roof panels also supplement the propane heated instant domestic hot water systems found in every building.

An extensive underground plumbing system connects all of the various building roofs to collect rainwater into two antique 3000 gallon redwood water storage tanks.  The tanks feed an electric pump that supplies irrigation water for the 16 separate irrigation circuits to water the entire project. A custom float mechanism and valve system were designed to switch the system to county water should the tanks ever run out of rain water. The electrical system is backed up by a propane operated 20KW Cummins electric generator which is set to automatically kick in during a power outage.

To enhance building insulation and to provide for increased usable recreational area, the master bedroom of the main house has a second floor grass roof over the living room below containing an additional 1200 sq. ft. of usable area. Each building was designed with peaked roofs; having the peaks open to the outside allows for the circulation of air through the buildings, cooling the interior spaces and normalizing the air pressure between the interior and exterior thus reducing potential damage during tropical storms or hurricanes.

As one walks the property looking at all of the detailed work, it becomes an adventure of continuous, sustainable discovery. We hope it is appreciated for the vast amount of time, work and craftsmanship given to every detail.