Onsite Art

The entire Kapoho Point property has been an art project in itself. The artists that have worked on the project and the art produced for the property, are all one-of-a-kind art pieces that will not be found elsewhere. Local artists Garry Palm, Grant Ballin and Marian Fieldson were commissioned to create the following projects:

Garry Palm

All bathroom windows feature art glass by the renowned local artist Garry Palm. The following are samples. Garry’s art is also featured in the other parts of the retreat such as the game Room & Gym where he has depicted local areas on the east side of the island. Over the Game Room bar hang Garry’s Hawaiian drink girls. Garry Palm was also commissioned to create original art of each of the buildings on the Kapoho Point property.

Marian Fieldson

The glass front door of the main house was a collaboration between the owner Sandor Shapery and Marian Fieldson well known locally for her extraordinary lava glass sculptures and dishes. Mr. Shapery cut, ground and hand fitted broken pieces of Pahoehoe lava rock cemented into a mosaic resembling a lava flow. The mosaic served as a mold for Mrs. Fieldson to create a negative reproduction which was then placed in a furnace with colored glass and upon heating, slumped into the final mold. Due to the limited size of the furnace the project was created in three pieces which were then put together to make the final door insert. The lava rock mold for the front door is mounted on the wall just inside the entry.

Grant Ballin

Artist Grant Ballin was commissioned to create lawn art in the form of a turtle and a porpoise carved out of lava rock. An additional carved stone turtle head can be found on the entry wall at the front driveway entry. All construction is build with Stainless steel screws instead of nails and all exterior metal hardware is of 316 stainless steel yacht quality including hinges, fittings and connectors. Double redundant high speed internet and Wi FI throughout the property are served by both Aloha Broadband and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) through Hawaiian Telcom.