Construction & Design Details

Learn about the construction and design of the buildings, tile roofs, interior doors, hardwood floors, cabinets, and bathrooms of the Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat. All tooled, designed, and built using local Hawaiian artists and products.


The Building structural frames and open beam roof trusses were built out of the sacred Hawaiian tree known as Ohia, an indigenous hardwood on the island.

Tile Roofs

Gold glazed roof tiles simulating bamboo are from China and adorn the buildings. The use of the gold glazed tiles in China were restricted only to Emperors or religious shrines.

Interior Doors

All interior doors were hand carved in Bali made of Merbau, a Balinese hardwood in the Mahogany family. The carving designs were selected from local Hawaiian flowers or plants.

Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors are milled locally out of Ohia trees and each board is hand fitted to the next.


All cabinets are custom made of select Chocolate Heart Mango wood slabs. Chocolate Heart Mango which has very rich looking dark wood streaks throughout the tree are found in 1 out of 100 trees that results from a disease. The chocolate hearts can only be discovered when the tree is cut into slabs or carefully examined after it is cut down. By book-matching each board, interesting patterns are created including faces and creatures. It is fun to recognize a new depiction in the cabinet designs at each gaze. Main house kitchen drawers are fitted with electronic touch open and touch close mechanisms.


All bathrooms are made to resemble stone lava tubes with simulated faux rock walls ceilings and floors with sunken tubs and sink water coming out of the wall instead of spigots. Many sinks are imported and hand carved out of solid blocks of marble. A number of the bathtub spigots are constructed of local hardwood with the copper plumbing inside the hollowed out hardwood. A number of the bathrooms have pocket cabinets built into the stone with doors made of rare Robusta Eucalyptus burl wood. Every toilet on the property is Toto self cleaning with a washlet bidet and heated seats.