About Kapoho Point Estate

Ideal for retreats, weddings, conferences and extended family reunions, Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat is located on 2 ½ acres with 500 feet of sea wall. Kapoho is a unique microcosm on the most southeasterly corner of the Island of Hawaii and touted as having the cleanest air in the United States. Being approximately 30 miles south of Hilo, it receives half the rainfall of Hilo but about 4 times more rainfall than the dry side, Kona. Lush vegetation abounds resembling the best of Kauai.

Because of its specific geographic location on the island, Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat sits in a unique position where the trade winds push rain clouds a quarter to a half mile inland, creating a sunny oceanfront on the estate much of the time. Due to the pristine quality of the area, it was decided to remodel the existing homes on the compound into a Polynesian village constructed of indigenous building materials, including Ohia logs for the structural frame of the buildings. All original buildings were taken to the ground and completely rebuilt without any exposed machined lumber in the framing, only natural Ohia trees. The fourth home is on an adjoining bayfront cove and serves as a service facility for the project or can be utilized as an additional home for guest stays or massage facilities. A large Ohia pavilion has been added for gatherings, meetings and parties. High-speed internet is available throughout the property.

Lush, indigenous plant specimens were planted creating a botanical garden throughout the property. Construction of the unique lava rock sea walls extending into the bay have been prohibited since 1970 due to the enforcement of federal laws to prevent such seawall construction. Additionally, gated communities on the ocean are no longer permitted on the islands. This creates a situation that can never be duplicated again.

Truly a magical site and must visit, Kapoho Point Oceanfront Retreat is a place of healing, where time slows and reconnection to the environment is all but guaranteed.

Premier Accommodations

Main House

A 2-story 5 bedroom, 5 bath home with a 2nd floor master suite which contains two baths and a roof/ lawn deck

Guest House

A 2-story 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with a separate master suite on the second floor

The Bungalow

A 2 bedroom, 2 bath separate home that has a detached master suite and bath on the adjoining parcel. The Bungalow is used for additional guests, massage services and yoga facilities

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